Merry Christmas

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning. It is one of the most contemplative and beautiful times .

Yes, we are thinking of the Advent season and the Christmas season.

In this harmonious time you should have the time to spend a lot of time and many moments with our loved ones, families, friends and acquaintances and to be able to show general charity.


But there is often a hectic rush in Advent and Christmas time. This is exactly where we have the solution for you ...


On this page you will find great Christmas gifts. Let yourself be inspired and browse comfortably through our online gift shop without time pressure and without hectic .

With us you will find original and special gifts for Advent and Christmas. You don't have a run-of-the-mill gift, especially with a gift case set. An ingenious and creative gift idea. Simply choose a gift case according to the theme and you have the perfect gift.


We particularly recommend the Christmas feast gift case for Christmas. Because Christmas is the festival of love and love, as is well known, goes through the stomach. This Christmas gift case contains many delicious foods such as: pasta and sauce, hash browns, sweets and nibbles. A really delicious feast in a gift set. True to our motto: a different kind of gift basket .

All foods are listed in the product description.


You will also find various other gifts and souvenirs for Christmas and the Advent season. We would especially like to mention the pasta and the chocolate truck. These two gifts are particularly suitable for foodies and the cold season. Speaking of the cold season, of course we also have great Christmas gifts for our little ones. The cuddly, baby and children's heat pillows or bed bottles made from a cute plush toy.

In our assortment you will find the tea advent calendar for tea lovers. Of course, ideally suited for this cold winter time.


If you are looking for a souvenir, for example for acquaintances, friends or employees, then take a look at the delicious angel noodles. These noodles are packaged in a beautiful star box. Simply a wonderful and reflective gift with a lot of love.


With this in mind, we wish everyone a wonderful, contemplative and happy Advent and Christmas season without hectic and with plenty of time for the essentials. Give happiness and love, because giving away is joy.

Merry Christmas wishes you gift suitcase


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