For the 70th Happy Birthday Pasta

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  • The 70th birthday is a very special, big and important occasion. Such a birthday must definitely be celebrated.

    A perfect and creative gift is part of it. The popular pasta in the shape of a lucky pig are very popular. Because you can give this pasta as a gift or as a souvenir and you still have additional options to expand the gift. For example, you can expand the pasta as a cash gift and give it away. You will find the right voucher box in our online shop, good luck .

    Simply a great and creative gift for your 70th birthday.


    On the back of the natural packaging is a delicious recipe for a tomato - mozzarella sauce. The packaging has a nice label with a casual slogan. The pasta is made in Switzerland. A delicious birthday present for a 70th birthday. Give joy and at the same time a culinary delight.



    Product information:


    - Pasta packaging with noodles approx. 250 grams

    - Made in Switzerland


    Item name: 70th happy birthday pasta

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