For the 50th Happy Birthday Pasta

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  • The 50th birthday is a big and meaningful occasion. If you are still looking for a creative and special gift, then we recommend this birthday pasta.

    The popular noodles are in the shape of the number 50. And that's why the pasta can be used in many ways. You can give the pasta as a present or a souvenir or surprise the birthday person with a delicious dish such as a noodle salad, a pasta casserole or any other pasta dish. Enjoy a great and exquisite menu with your loved ones with no less than 50, which give good luck, love, health and confidence with every bite.

    On the back of the natural packaging is a delicious recipe for a tomato - mozzarella sauce. The packaging has a nice label with a casual saying.

    Ideal for a birthday. The pasta is made in Switzerland.

    A delicious present for your 50th birthday. Give joy and at the same time a culinary delight.



    Product information:

    - Pasta packaging with noodles approx. 250 grams

    - Made in Switzerland


    Item name: 50th happy birthday pasta

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