For the 18th Happy Birthday Pasta:

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  • The perfect present or souvenir for the 18th. The popular noodles are in the shape of a pig and have beautiful packaging.

    On the back of the natural packaging is a delicious recipe for a tomato - mozzarella sauce. The packaging has a nice label with a casual slogan.

    The pasta is made in Switzerland. A delicious birthday present for an 18th birthday that wishes very good luck.

    Give joy and at the same time a culinary delight with the 18th Happy Birthday Pasta.

    As a birthday surprise, the great pasta can also be used as a joint birthday meal. Add the tasty sauce and an indescribable great decoration and you have a super great and beautiful party with a delicious birthday menu. Enjoy every single lucky pig made from pasta, because it certainly brings a lot of luck with it.


    Product information:


    - Pasta packaging with noodles approx. 250 grams

    - Made in Switzerland


    Item name: 18th happy birthday pasta

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