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- length 25 meters

- Toilet paper with the motif: numbers

- Numbers 18, 30, 40, 50, 60.70 are available for selection


Item Name: Funny Numbers Toilet Paper

Funny numbers toilet - paper

SKU: 1062
  • The number toilet paper is a perfect and funny gift for a birthday, for a pension or as an anniversary present, etc. This toilet paper with numbers is simply a funny gift for every occasion. It is also ideal as a decoration for a party or any celebration. It just looks great and brings momentum to the whole thing. A cool fun article with that certain something. This gift product can be used for several purposes. It can also be used as a packaging material for a gift. Let yourself be inspired and let your creativity run free. This article shows that you can also conjure up wonderful things with toilet paper.

    There is 25 meters of paper on the toilet paper roll. Various numbers are available to choose from.

    As an example: The number 18 is particularly suitable for a birthday of majority. The number 50 is perfect for a golden wedding theme party. The other numbers are always very suitable for a birthday or anniversary of a company. Give the occasion an additional dose of humor and charm.

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