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- Drawing case from 7 years to approx. 12 years

- Portable drawing case and with zoom lamp

- With the 72 motif films, there are over 300 motifs to choose from



IMPORTANT: Not suitable under 3 years as small parts


Item name: Xoomy Maxi Refresh, d / f / i

Xoomy Maxi Refresh, d / f / i

SKU: 1130
  • This Xoomy Maxi Refresh drawing case is a perfect gift for children from 7 years. Wonderful toy to draw for a girl and a boy

    This case contains new motifs and more foils. With this
    practical drawing case makes drawing comics a lot of fun! Little illustrators have over 300 motifs to choose from. These can be enlarged up to 200% using the zoom lamp.

    The drawing case is also ideal for on the go. It can be taken anywhere as everything can be stowed in the suitcase. Really practical and with a lot of fun


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