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- Pasta packaging with noodles approx. 250 grams

- Made in Switzerland

- Pasta shape is a heart


Item name: Thank you heart pasta

Thank you heart pasta

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  • The thank you pasta have a heart shape. On the back of the natural packaging is a delicious recipe for a tomato and mozzarella sauce. Herz noodles are made in Switzerland.

    This sweet gift is mainly suitable to simply say thank you and thus set an example without big words. This delicious gift is just right for your loved one, a well-known person or someone who was simply helpful to you.

    The thank you very much pasta is particularly popular with dear mom. A nice gesture for just in between or for a birthday or Mother's Day.

    The word thank you does not necessarily have to be used as a thank you for an action. It can also be used simply as a thank you for being there. Give this sweet pasta to a loved one you never want to miss and say thank you for being there and thank you for being there.

    The noodles can also be given away as an invitation to a fine meal in a restaurant or to cook this delicious heart pasta together.

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