The right and perfect gift if you want to wish someone good luck. This gift case is very versatile. It can be given away as a lucky charm for an upcoming exam or just because a loved one currently needs a large portion of luck. This gift is also often bought to say goodbye to an employee or to retire. The good luck gift case is also ideal as a great birthday present. The "Good Luck" gift case is always well received. It does not matter whether you want to give the suitcase to someone you know or a loved one. This gift case is great for all relationships and ties. The case contains various products that relate to happiness.

The gift case can of course also be carried. Give a loved one a suitcase with tons of happiness.

Good luck gift case (available again soon)

SKU: 1002
  • Included in the gift:

    - Cardboard case with a high-quality label with the words "Good luck"

    - 1 plush lucky beetle

    - 6 ladybug tea lights packed in a nice box

    - 1 lucky handkerchief

    - 1 pack Katjes feelings of happiness, 200 g

    - 1 pack of Happy chocolate fortune cookies "One week of happiness", 7 pieces


    Product information:

    - Cardboard case external dimensions: 41.0 x 25.5 x 8.5 cm

    - Plush lucky beetle: approx. 13 cm tall

    - Lucky handkerchief: 10 handkerchiefs, 4 layers, size: 22 x 21 cm (unfolded),

    11 x 5.5 cm (folded)

    - Katjes feelings of happiness: Mixture of fruit gums and liquorice. Suitable for vegetarians.


    Item name: Good luck gift suitcase

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