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- Wooden ballpoint pen

- Laser engraving with the words good luck


Item name: Good luck ballpoint pen

Good luck pen

SKU: 1022
  • The beautiful wooden pen is the perfect present for an upcoming exam. But it can also be given away as a small lucky charm that can be taken anywhere. The good luck ballpoint pen is also particularly suitable for starting school, further training or a course. The perfect gift for everyone who has something to write about.

    If you are looking for gift ideas for the office, the clerk is perfect. A great gift for an employee. Simply wish all the best on all levels and put a smile on the face of the recipient with the good luck ballpoint pen.

    This gift idea goes perfectly with various topics such as: birthday, farewell, retirement, anniversary, exam, start of school, office, car test, final apprenticeship exam and so on. The pen lies very comfortably in the hand and is very nice and comfortable to write with. Also perfect for young adults, students and apprentices.

    We would be happy to introduce you to possible gift packaging: Simply tie the ballpoint pen around an envelope with a loop. A nice additional idea for vouchers or cards in an envelope. Or simply pack it in a beautiful school folder or notebook.

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