Velo noodles Velokraft

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  • The funny and delicious noodles are in a Velo shape. On the back of the natural packaging is a delicious recipe for a tomato-mozzarella sauce.

    The sporty saying: Faster thanks to the pasta plate is on the front. The pasta is made in Switzerland.

    Do you want to give a sporty person a boost of energy or simply surprise them with a little something?

    With the Velo Pasta gift, you give you power, motivation and a treat at its finest. The bicycle pasta gives the necessary bike power. A great gift for young and old.

    Because Velokraft can also mean that a child rediscovers cycling. With the motto: Practice makes perfect, give the child the great Velokraft pasta after practicing. Together you can cook and enjoy the delicious and funny pasta with the child. Learning to ride a bike can then continue with full power. Simply a great and playful motivational surprise for your child.


    Product information:


    - Pasta packaging with noodles approx. 250 grams

    - Made in Switzerland


    Item name: Velo noodles Velokraft

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