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- Contents approx. 200 grams

- Box 20 x 12 centimeters

- Made in Switzerland


Item Name: Pasta Heart Box

Pasta heart box

SKU: 1004
  • The beautifully decorated pasta packaging shows a lot of heart. The visible heart foil window in the box is particularly beautiful and creative.

    On the back of the heart box is a delicious recipe and the pasta is made from a heart shape.

    You also have the opportunity to write a small message. A small label or card hangs on the beautiful box. The loop rounds off the gift and gives the gift a lot of love.

    Herz noodles are made in Switzerland. With this gift you can simply say thank you and thus set an example without big words.

    This delicious gift is just the thing for your loved ones, acquaintances, friends or family. A gift that comes from the heart.

    A delicious delicacy as a gift that also looks beautiful. It is also very suitable as a small souvenir or a present for in between. Just give it a present.

    To decorate this gift, you could add a cooking apron or pot holder (also available in our shop). A perfect gift for everyone who likes to be at the stove.

    The pasta lucky boxes go well with this gift. With the message: Good luck, this pasta gift is equally suitable for all relationships and occasions.

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