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- Contents approx. 200 grams

- Box 20 x 12 centimeters

- Made in Switzerland


Item Name: Pasta Lucky Box

Lucky pasta box

SKU: 1005
  • The casual noodles, in the shape of a lucky pig, are packed in a decorated lucky box. You can write on the associated label or card. The beautiful loop gives the pasta gift that certain something.

    You can see the motif noodles through the visible clover foil window. On the back of the packaging is a delicious recipe and a label that says: Good luck. The pasta is made in Switzerland. With this fine pasta gift you can simply wish good luck and give luck as a gift.

    A great gift for young and old. It's perfect for any relationship with people and is suitable for any occasion. A great birthday present that can be supplemented with other gift items. It also serves as an excellent gift voucher, such as a cooking class.

    But it can also be given to a loved one who has an upcoming exam. It doesn't matter if it's the car exam or a school exam.

    This pasta gift is simply one of the creative lucky gifts.

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