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- 6 tealights ladybugs packed in a nice box.


Item name: Ladybug tea lights

Ladybug tea lights

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  • The ideal gift to wish someone good luck or just to give someone a little joy. With the ladybug symbol you are giving away luck and all the best.

    The tea lights also look great as decoration. They can be used for a birthday as a table decoration or as a souvenir. Simply distribute the individual tea lights on the table. This decoration is always well received and also shines with creativity.

    The candles are also wonderfully suitable for a birthday cake. Simply put the candles on the cake, light them and sing Happy Birthday.

    The 6 tealights are packed in a nice box and really come into their own.

    The ladybug tea lights convey the message of happiness and are great gifts for every occasion. For example, for a birthday, retirement, an upcoming exam, a farewell or just for in between.

    The Glückskäfer candles can also be wrapped as a cash gift. Or serve as a voucher gift. The plush lucky bug, which is also available in our online shop, is suitable as an additional gift. However, if you are looking for a bigger gift, we recommend the Good Luck Gift Case. Both gift items are in this gift case.

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