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- Sensory toys from 0 months

- approx. 30 cm

- Made of plush

- Brand: Lamaze


Item name: Song Octopus by Lamaze

Song Octopus by Lamaze

SKU: 1096
  • The funny song Octopus from the brand Lamaze is a perfect gift for a baby or toddler. This sweet and soft plush and music toy stimulates the senses and playfully animates the baby to promote development. The cute octopus has 8 arms and each arm has a different tone in different pitches. As soon as the baby squeezes an arm, the noises fall. Among other things, the following sounds were heard: rattle, squeaking sounds and crackling sounds and so on. What is special about the colored octopus is that it smells like vanilla. This also stimulates the baby's sense of smell. There is a carrier holder on the head of the cuddly octopus. Thus, the octopus can easily be taken and carried anywhere. With this baby toy, the toddler experiences play, fun, enthusiasm, musical encounters, joy and stimulation of all senses in a playful way. Also an ideal gift for the birth, as the toy is recommended from 0 months. Just a great octopus game with lots of great experiences for the baby. This gift invites you to linger and gives the child the incentive to continue research.

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