Great souvenir made of sweets for in between and just like that. Just to nibble.

The sweets gift case is particularly suitable for those with a sweet tooth and those with a sweet tooth, whether for children or adults. If you are looking for delicious candy gifts, then you are sure to do everything right with the candy gift case.

The gift case can of course also be carried. An ideal gift for every occasion. Whether as a birthday present or simply as a small gesture. This gift case is filled with delicious sweets and will be well received by everyone.

Gift suitcase candy

SKU: 1003
  • Included in the gift:

    - Cardboard case with a high-quality label with the words "Nascherei"

    - 1 pack of Haribo Fruitmania Berry, 175g

    - 1 pack Katjes TropicLife, 160g

    - 1 pack of lollipops 100g, original Muh-Muhs toffee, 8 individually wrapped,

    - 1 pack of Maoam pinballs, 70g

    - 1 roll of Mentos, 37.5g

    - 1 pack of Sadex dextrose, 90g

    - 1 stick of cow candy cream liquorice, 72g


    Product information:

    - Cardboard case external dimensions: 41.0 x 25.5 x 8.5 cm

    - Haribo Fruitmania Berry: Fruit gum mixture with fruit juice and berry flavor, suitable for vegetarians

    - Katjes TropicLife: fruit gum figures with passion fruit, pineapple, tropic, grapefruit and prickly pear flavor, suitable for vegetarians

    - Maoam Pinballs: chewy candies with strawberry, apple, orange, lemon, cherry and cola flavor, without artificial colors

    - Mentos: strawberry-lime flavor, with natural coloring

    - Sadex grape sugar: individually packed, with vitamin C and fruit flavor

    - Cow candy cream liquorice: Individually wrapped, extra-soft soft caramels with a cream and liquorice flavor, gluten-free


    Item Name: Candy Gift Suitcase

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