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- Diameter approx. 14 cm

- Burn time approx. 10 hours (3 wicks)

- Weight approx. 200 g

-Incl. beautiful wax foot


Item name: Moon candle blue with 3 wicks

Moon candle blue with 3 wicks

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  • This special moon candle is an ideal gift for any occasion. The moon-shaped candle in the colors blue and white is a beautiful work of art.

    Each individual candle has its own color gradient and thus shows its own pattern. A real one-of-a-kind. The unique specimen is also reflected when the candle burns down. Because of the multiple wicks, the candle burns down individually. Depending on which wick is lit first, a different shape is created.

    The candle comes with the matching wax base. This wax foot is included and comes with the candle. Three wick candle.

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