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- Body available in two sizes 62/68 (0 to 6 months) and 74/80 (6 to 12 months)

- Various colors can be selected

- Made of cotton

- Textiles successfully tested for skin friendliness



If desired, this baby body can also be replaced in the baby gift case . To do this, simply select in the baby body selection mode: Select "Other baby body" and enter the item name, color and item number of the desired baby body in the notes.



Item name: Baby bodysuit collector's item

Baby body lover's item (various colors and sizes)

SKU: 1125
  • An absolutely beautiful and ideal baby gift for a boy or a girl. The baby body with the inscription: "collector's item, not for sale" is just as sweet as sugar.

    This baby body with a saying is available in various colors and two different sizes. Simply select the desired color and size in the selection mode.

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