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- Board game from 2 years to 7 years

- Number of players 2-4

- Packaging size approx. 23x23x6.5 cm

- Brand: GOULA

- Wooden


IMPORTANT: Not suitable for under 2 years as small parts


Item name: Antarctic board game for ages 2 and up

Antarctic board game for ages 2 and up

SKU: 1129
  • This Antarctic board game is a frosty, fun and adventurous dice game for toddlers from 2 years. Ideal as a present for a birthday or for Christmas. Also ideal as a souvenir.


    Quick start Guide:

    Which seal mom will find your three baby seals first? The little seals play in the water and hide in the Antarctic. Of course, the mothers want to find the babies. But this is not that easy. Because all baby seals hide so well that only the tail fin can be seen in the 3D game board. However, these caudal fins look exactly like the fins of the fish that cavort and hide between them. With the help of the rattle dice it is decided when the baby seals can be searched. The dice also provides a little action in between: If a player rolls an Eskimo, he has to run around the other players rattling the dice. If one of the players moves, he has to return a found baby seal. In the end, the first player to bring three babies to their seal mama wins.

    The board game contains 5 large wooden pieces, a 3D game board made up of 2 puzzle pieces, a shelf, 16 seals and 4 fish.

    Two to four players can take part and the game lasts approximately 10 minutes. A perfect time frame for toddler attention.

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