Children & babies gifts


It is one of the most beautiful moments when a child, full of excitement and joy, unwraps a gift and the child's eyes shine and sparkle with joy like a star.


Are you still looking for great gift ideas for children? Then you've come to the right place. At Gift Suitcase you will find various beautiful and hearty children's gifts such as our gift boxes, baby gift sets, toy cases, various toys, gifts and plush animals, educational games and children's cases for fun and snacking.


Our children's gift cases are very popular and are put together with a lot of care, love and hand made by us. According to the motto surprise bag with a difference. With the Bub Wunder Suitcase and the Girls Wonder Suitcase you give the children a lot of fun, a large portion of excitement and surprise as well as joy and curiosity. The sparkling children's eyes are guaranteed to be seen with this gift. Simply a great surprise for children, as the child does not know which gifts are in it, like a surprise bag.  


For a nice present for the birth, we recommend the baby gift case. This gift case is a very popular gift when a little sunshine comes into being. With this baby gift case, you can even choose between girl, boy and neutral. This selection and product description as well as colors can be found directly in the shop under Baby Gift Suitcase. You can also select the saying for the baby body and the baby bib. Another option is the choice between two different sizes of the baby bodysuit. This selection function enables you to give your baby a special individuality.


All children's gift cases can of course be carried. Thus, you can hand the gift case to the child or parents without any problems and with a lot of curiosity.


We currently have gifts for ages from birth to around 7 years of age. Except for the sweets gift suitcase, which is enjoyed again and again into adulthood.

We are continuously expanding and expanding our range of children's & baby gifts. So it's always worth taking a look. You can expect more great gift items for our little ones and loved ones soon.

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