Candles gift ideas

On this page you will find the category of candle gift ideas. Here you will find various, special and extraordinary candle gifts. With us you can buy candles in different shapes, colors, patterns, as well as with several candle wicks and with various sayings. An ideal gift for every moment and occasion.


Some candles have multiple wicks. Burning these candles creates a great pattern. Each candle thus has an individual and different color gradient. It also depends on which wick you light first. This creates another pattern again. These beautiful gradient candles are delivered including a wax base.


Other gift candles have a beautiful poem on the candle. These special features give the candles their uniqueness and make them an extraordinary gift idea. The sayings, i.e. verses, are tailored to each candle and are individually dedicated to the topic and name of the candle.

So if you are looking for a great saying candle or a candle with a poem, then this is it

You are in the right place.


For a gift for men, we recommend the following gift items, among others: The blue moon candle, the thank you candle and the love candle.

Another recommendation, if you are looking for gifts for women, are the following candle gifts: The heart candle pink or the heart candle orange.

The birth candle girl or boy is a perfect gift for the birth. With a wonderful and appropriate saying, you wish with this candle all the best for the birth.

The wedding candle is particularly popular with a bridal couple. With a romantic verse, the candle symbolizes a lot of love, security and togetherness. With this unique and special gift, wish you all the best for your wedding and for the future as a married couple.


We are happy to present you the currently most popular candle in our online shop: the birthday candle. This candle is often bought and is ideal for someone special on their birthday. Wish you a happy birthday and a big helping of health with this gift candle.


We will also steadily expand our range of candles. So it is always worth looking back. So do you want to order a candle online? Then you have come to the right place at Gift Suitcase.

We also like to mention our other gift items. For example our gift case set. They are carefully put together by us and by hand and filled with suitable gift products.

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