Great gift pasta

The pasta and pasta gifts are made in Switzerland and are original gift ideas for all pasta lovers.

The gift pasta is available in different shapes and packaging. With us you will find a variety of pasta gifts.


To give you a little insight, we would like to briefly introduce the various pasta themes. In our online shop of gift cases you will find a pasta gift for almost every occasion. For example, we offer you various pasta gifts for your birthday. Be it for the 18th birthday or for the 70th birthday. With us you will find pasta of various ages. The 40th Happy Birthday Pasta have the matching number form 40.


All gift pasta with the theme of mom is particularly popular. You will also find delicious pasta gifts on the subject of weddings and retirement. It is well known that one says: love goes through the stomach. For those in love you will find our bestseller, Heart Pasta Love. Are you looking for gifts for women? Then we recommend, for example, the pasta gift with the name: Portion Liebe Pasta, Mama Pasta or the Pasta Heart Box. These noodles are heart shape. Are you looking for gifts for men? Then the gift pasta with the title: Velo noodles, for min Schatz noodles, or the thank you heart pasta are just the right pasta. This gift pasta has a heart shape or a Velo shape.


The different and beautiful packaging make the pasta gifts an additional special gift. Choose a noodle gift with natural packaging, a saying and a delicious recipe or opt for a casual packaging with a mini apron, a saying and a popular recipe. Last but not least, we don't want to withhold the beautiful pasta gift boxes from you. For this packaging we have the following pasta gift in our range: Pasta heart box and the pasta lucky box. Of course, there is also a delicious recipe on the back of the gift box.


The gift and souvenir pasta is a hit and very popular. Because you are giving away joy, originality, a recipe included and a delicious meal in a special way. Simply great pasta gift.

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