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Gift Suitcase is an online gift shop. With us you will find various gift items and gift case sets. Among other things, our motto is: gift basket from Switzerland, in a different way. We are constantly adding more gift items to our shop.


On this page you will find all of our gift products. Let yourself be inspired and browse comfortably through our gift shop without time pressure.

With us you will find original and special gifts. Especially with a gift case set you don't have a run-of-the-mill gift. An ingenious and creative gift idea. Simply select a gift case according to the theme and you have the perfect gift.


However, if you prefer to search for your gifts by category, simply go to the home page and select the cardboard case with the label Gift Shop.

But if you want to see all of our gifts at a glance, you've come to the right place.

Simply scroll down and browse through our offer.


What does an original and special gift mean for us? We are happy to give the following answer: For us it means to find an imaginative and creative gift in today's hectic times. This mostly still under time pressure.

Often you then use vouchers or various 08/15 gifts. That is exactly what we want to counteract. With our gift case set you will find a gift with that certain something and that comes from the heart. The case is creative, original, special and we put it together by hand with great care.

We have also made sure that the gift case sets are versatile and can be used for

different human relationships are appropriate.

Regardless of whether it is for a stranger, i.e. only known person, or for a person close to you like

for example the wife or father. The gift case always goes down well.


So that our customers have an extended selection of gift items in addition to the gift case set, you will find various other gifts here. These gifts are also carefully selected according to the wishes of our customers. Since we are a small and family-run company, we take special care not to overload our shop with a selection of gifts. We would much rather concentrate on tailoring our selection specifically and according to customers.

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