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With us you will find various gift products and gift suitcase set.

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Gift case set:


Just don't have time to get a gift?

Would you still like to give something original?

Then we have the perfect gift for you.

The gift cases are made with love to the set

compiled and with the motto

«Gift basket with a difference»

you have the perfect gift.


Give away joy and excitement at the same time.

Cardboard case
Cardboard case

Gift suitcase, your gift online shop from Switzerland


Gift Suitcase is a gift online shop from Switzerland.

With us you will find various gift products and gift case sets. Our offer and assortment are carefully adapted to our customers and are continuously supplemented and enlarged.


Don't have time to buy or buy a gift? And still you want to give something original? Then you are spot on with the purchase of a gift case set. Each case symbolizes a different theme, which makes the gift case particularly unique.


We also offer beautiful and cute children's gift cases. For example the children's wonder suitcase, which promises a lot of fun, excitement and joy. According to the motto surprise bag with a difference.

But the baby gift case is also a very popular gift for birth. The available options are special with this case. The individuality of a gift is therefore perfectly present.


The best-selling gift cases right now are the good luck gift cases and the candy gift cases. These two gift sets are suitable for every human relationship. No matter whether for an employee or for a known person or for a family member. These gift case sets always go down very well with the people receiving the presents and are a source of joy and curiosity.


We would especially like to mention that we put each individual suitcase together by hand in a small office. We do this with great passion and care. Everything according to the motto: a different kind of gift basket.

Exactly the right and perfect gift if you just can't find time to buy a gift or don't know what to give. A great gift idea for young and old. Every gift case can be carried effortlessly.


In the Gift Suitcase Shop section you will find all of our gift items that we have in our range. In addition to the gift case set, you will also find various other gifts with us. If you have any questions about our products or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by email. We are glad to be here for you.